Turkey Run State Park Videos

The following YouTube videos highlight different aspects of hiking trails at Turkey Run State Park.

Video - Hiking Turkey Run State Park 2020

The following video is from the DNS Adventures Channel and does a great job of showing you what Trail 3 looks like in the summer time. The video is about 7 minutes long.

Video - Exploring Turkey Run State Park in Indiana

This video is by the Midwest Outdoor Adventure Channel. It is of a hike on Trail #3 (the ladders), which is the most popular trail in Turkey Run State Park. We think this video is great because it shows the experience of two average people enjoying this pretty rugged trail. The video is about 27 minutes long.

Video - Turkey Run in 4K - Indiana State Parks

This video is brought to you by Sloan’s Outdoor Adventure Channel. We really like this video of a nice Fall Hike that is along some of the less travelled trails at Turkey Run. This one is a fun watch. The video is about 14 minutes long.

Video - Turkey Run State Park, Indiana OTG 53

This video is from the Base Camp Bucayu Channel. It is of the loop formed by Trails 3, 5, and 9, probably done during the Spring. This is a great long hike that features the most spectacular part of Turkey Run. The video is 21 minutes long.

Video - Hiking Turkey Run State Park, Indiana

This video doesn’t have a lot of narration, and it shows you the trails in early Fall. The video is about 8 minutes long.